AtoZ Healing Space is a place for a deeper truth to flourish, a truth nurtured through AtoZ’s many diverse activities and offerings. It is the truth that lies beneath the details of our situations and stories. It is the realization that we are walking a path to greater wisdom, each of us moving through the prism of our stories and situations. Even with all our differences and uniqueness, we are together on this path. We are One.

Just as an ancient proverb stated that all roads led to Rome, at AtoZ we believe that we can use many different healing modalities to guide us towards our greatest good. Through offering a rich variety of modalities at AtoZ, we are seeking the Source of that which generates the life we wish to live: a life in service to humanity, even in service to Spirit, if you will.

This is ‘service to humanity’ without giving up the life we are living, and without losing ourselves, or our dreams, ambitions, hopes or desires. We are finding ways to embrace a larger version of ourselves, which may or may not include everything we used to be; it is entirely up to us. We are contemporary ‘yogis,’ thriving in a modern world, meeting via internet!

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