The Inner Artist Journey - Closed

"You are the creator of your universe and you can create the life that you dreamed off". 

Does this statement make you feel uncomfortable or disconnected? If so, my name is Kassi Gregory and I am going to show you how to reconnect with the essences of who you are and show you are capable and deserving of an amazing life. I run a 6-week self-discovery and soul binding course online. I use this using traditional shaman and art practices. Each week we meet up as a group and talk about our self-discoveries and challenges during this course hoping to break free as a collective of our life restrictions and grow together to regain our freedom. Also, we will start an art journal to document or process as evidence of our growth and to remind us of who we are and who we really desire to become. If this is something you would be interested in Join us here to be first in line for our next upcoming date. 

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