Anyone who is ready to expand and feel connected with their gifts as an empath.
Everyone is responsible for their own selves. To evolve into the best version of yourself takes dedication to yourself. I will offer you the assistance and tool to expand but the work must be done within you. If you sign up to this membership I would recommend that you complete the online study in your own time, listen to the meditations available and at least attend 80% of the women's circles. Our journey on this planet is to expand our souls and gain awareness of our gifts so we can share them with others so we can assist the universe to expand and grow. Wouldn't you want to play your part in this?

I ask if you feel this membership is for you, commit to it with the highest awareness of self. With the act of honoring yourself, valuing yourself and believing in yourself. I understand on all journey we all have bad days. But if our intentions come form a pure place it sets up the destination for growth beyond our expectations and I would love to be a part of that with you.

Also, I ask that you also be respectful of everyone on this journey. We come together, but we also have different experiencing in life. I want this place to be a beautiful haven where everyone feels respected and cherished.      

But, throughout the years it wasn't enough for me. I watched women whom all were coming to me for answers to discover who they were and what they valued. I developed myself and became a qualified art therapist and spiritual conduit, who makes the connections between Spirit and Earth.

I want to be able to ground people in the knowledge of who they are and take them to their magical place I call their true instinctual spiritual self. I want to show them how much more magical they are when they receive self-love and the support they have been waiting for physically and spiritually.

I know this membership will be the initiation to your own Self-awareness and success. I will make sure you gain the support you require to reach your destination and assist you with feeling totally worthy of all of it.

"What inspires me about my life is how supported by nature I am. So a lot of my energy is concerned about our connection with ourselves within nature and this is one of the reasons I have chosen to educate myself in the direction of bringing people back to their own divine nature and instinctual self."