Are you a mother who always wants her child to thrive in this world but worries about the outside influences that may be affecting your child that you have little control over?

I know how frustrating and nerve-wracking that can be at times, especially when your child is feeling overwhelmed in life and you can see that they are miserable, but they just don't know how to tell you what’s happening.

What if I told you that I have created this Connect and Colour book because I want to help children explore emotional intelligence and free thinking while having fun?

This book also offers a safe way for you to observe your child's emotional development through self-expression, as you can read your
child’s process while they share their thoughts on the page, and whenever anything worrisome appears, you can take control and ask them about their experience.

This also increases your child’s connection with you and increases the likelihood of them communicating with you if something has alarmed them.

If you would love to download our free connect and color pages and see how your child experiences this for themselves visit:

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