Tigiris has spoken

Tigiris has spoken.

(Tigiris is my spirit animal)

My mission statement for the next five years will be helping children regain their connection to life and reminding adults of their playful and natural self...

I have been thinking about it a lot lately and how I miss seeing people connect as a family. We are all so busy that we rarely see it as a priority lately. We seem so distracted by the noise that we forget things that are important. Connection.

I'm guilty of it too. I seem so caught up in work that I come home and think I deserve a distraction. But what I am really searching for is a connection.

How has the society made it so viable that we need the latest technology to feel good, that we work hard so we deserve to waste our lives sitting on the television or the latest PC and now they are getting our children addicted to it as well? EEEEEKKKK... This is just purely a distraction, I think it's trying to eat cotton wool to sustain us.

What we really seek is a connection....

I remember my family was poor but what we made up for it was time together. Walks to the park and playing board games and we were happy. Because we felt connected to something rich. We were a family who made time for each other.

This is what accounts for good soul food, A true and pure connection with people who love and care for us and no amount of technology can replace that.

I don't dismiss technology, I love it actually. But I believe we are searching for the wrong things to comfort us in our busy society. We should strive for more things that offer us a connection and a sense of belonging. Over believing we deserve things that only distracts us and isolates us from what we need. Its when technology becomes an obsession, I believe it is dangerous and I see this happening now.

We see people are more depressed and children have a lot more emotional development issues. I don't think this is a coincidence. I believe its the motivation of strong marketers to buy their products. I'm not saying its wrong but people need to be educated about what is actually happening when technology and consumerism become the only option it can be vindictive and dangerous.

So I strive to remind people that there are other ways to enjoy life, that it's not important to work your butt off for the latest technology for satisfaction. That there are so many simpler ways to feel joy and satisfaction in life and I really believe it comes from learning to connect with self and the others who bring you love and joy.

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