The Young Lion - Limited Edition Dream Journal

- The Young King Only 30 will be printed. Hard cover front and back and 120 quality paper for you to draw, write and design your future...

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The Young Lion is being watched over by his mother, it represents curiosity and the protection that allows us to reach for our dreams.

I created this image to remind us that we are supported in our dreams and that if we just believe and trust in ourselves and the support of others it can be achieved. The lion in this image has a great destiny that he be born into too.

But he is confident in his role as the young king as he has all his ancestors behind him and his mother is there to remind him that his is not alone and he is always loved no matter where his destiny will lead him.

Call on the spirit of these Guardians when you feel lost and your great mother will help you get the encouragement and the support you need to move forward with your destined dreams.

Kassi Gregory – Tigiris Illustrations