Our Values

My Personal Mission Statement

Demonstrate freedom through my stories and my art. Be dedicated to being inspirational, kind and connected to all whom I meet and be an ambassador to show others how to live in harmony with their true selves.


Working together to assist come up with new and imaginative ideas and look for ways to turn them into reality. Using creativity to look at ourselves in an exciting new way. Using art therapy and mindful activities to look for common themes and phenomena in your personalities and than use this understanding too enrich your life.

Personal Exploration

Discovering what means something in your life without the noise of other pursuits. Define who you would like to be and see how you can best reflect your your values, interest, skills and influence without worrying about if they right or wrong. Discovering your moment of truth, what do you do to to bring more joy in your life.


Learning you have the opportunity to speak, act and pursue your own happiness. Learn how to prevent those personal restrictions get in the way to interrupt your flow. Trust in freedom, so it will lead to you enhanced self expression and original thought, increase sense of purpose and an improved quality of life.


I believe in allowing our inner child to come out and play, allowing ourselves to be lighthearted and full of fun with a keen sense of play. Statistically We learn better that way and its better for creating long and lasting relationships with ourselves and the others around us.