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When your spirit animals show themselves to me, they see you as a unique being with different lessons and opportunities to be discovered and explored in your life. I channel and communicate with your animal guide to transfer the knowledge, lessons, and opportunities that are being offered to you. Through my portraits, I create an ethereal and visual connection between you and your spirit animal. Following this, I provide a guided reading of what they have entrusted to me to share. I encourage you to learn and grow with your spirit animal, as they hold you in high esteem, and want only what is best for you. They are there to help expand your creative potential to ensure you live your life in harmony with your true nature.

  • Category: Spiritual Services
  • Duration: 03:02 Hours
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the Guided Reading in the form of a PDF File via e-mail
Skype also Available connect with me if you would like a live session

An interpretation of your spirit animal that connects you with its aforementioned wisdom and guidance.

Practical ways to connect with the animals and their messages in an emotional, visionary and subjective way.

Meet your Spirit Animal Meditation

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