Childrens Animal spirit Guardian

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Childrens Animal spirit Guardian - Tigiris Illustrations
Childrens Animal spirit Guardian - Tigiris Illustrations

Help your child feel secure knowing their Spirit Animal is with them at all times, allow them an opportunity to express their frustrations and worries to their guide in a safe space.

In this package, I channel and draw an image depicting their Spirit Guide in a colorful and expressive illustration. This illustration will provide a way in which your child can connect and feel guarded by their Spiritual Guardian.

You will receive:

the Guided Reading in the form of a PDF File via e-mail
an A4 Portrait of your spirit guide to be for a way for your child to interpret and interact with, Also I will document any wisdom that comes through and shares it with you to help with your child's connection with their Guardian.

What to Submit

Please include the following information in the comments section when ordering to receive your Guided Reading as it is intended:

Childs Name
Date of Birth (month/dd/yy)
E-mail Address

Additional Information

Readings will be delivered in the form of a PDF File via e-mail within 5 -7 days from purchase. *Please allow an additional seven (7) days for product completion, due to the nature of this exercise.

The majority of my work is digital these days, therefore included prints will be made exclusively to fit your needs as per request.
Please contact me at any time with any questions or comments and I will be happy to reply in a timely fashion. 


Please ask if you would like to look at other options for print, framing can be provided at a fee.


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