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Upgrade to Colour (EVENT SPECIAL)

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Spaces are limited...

Next Weekend, (28th October 2017) I have a wonderful opportunity for you to experience my mesmerizing artwork for yourself. You will receive your own personal Guidance from your Spirit Animal and a Portrait to remember and meditate with.

The best thing about this is that you get to receive the sketch and a message from your Spirit Animal by DONATION, as little as $2.

This is a unique and limited offer for this event.

You will have the opportunity to come and meet me personally and I always love meeting everyone who wants to grow with their spiritual family.

I will be a sharing my wisdom about what intuitive art is and how to use it to help you with understanding yourself better so you can overcome anything that makes you feel overwhelmed

And I will also be joined by a family of spiritualists who are delighted to introduce you to what they do.

Sunday the 28th October 2017
9am - 4 pm

Jindalee Bowling Club

Spaces are limited for reservation call 0481 080 076

What's not to love?

What you recieve: A4 Portrait of your spirit guide to be printed or used in meditation or journaling an interpretation of your spirit animal that connects you with its aforementioned wisdom and guidance.

ways to connect with the animals and their messages in an emotional, visionary, and practical approach

Animal Spirit Guide Meditation

Please allow an additional seven (14) days for product completion, due to the nature of this exercise.

The majority of my work is digital these days, therefore included prints will be made exclusively to fit your needs as per request.

Please contact me at any time with any questions or comments and I will be happy to reply in a timely fashion.