The guardians of the Green

Hi My name is Kassi

I am an intuitive artist and shaman who creates spaces for individuals to gain awareness and explore enriching connection with their Animal Spirit Guide.

For the last 6 years I have been communicating with Animal Spirits and for the last four years they have asked me to bring them to light and create an oracle deck to make it easier for them to connect with the right individuals who are ready to expand within their energy.  I feel this deck will be primal, but practical incorporating the messages that they bring forth as well as a ritual that they would love you to follow so you can feel more centered in the energy they are sharing with you.

The guardians of the green was centered both around the idea of the wild forest but also essentially coming back to the energy of the heart. Because this is where your animals spirit resides, he/she is governed be the wisdom of your heart. Your animal spirits make sure your desires align with your highest intentions and love to give stories and analogies on how you can not only live within alignment but shows you how to But show you how to flourish and grow too.

The Guardians of the green deck is for people who want to reconnect with themselves and feel like they are working alongside nature. They two will want to become guardians of the wild green and are governed by protecting mother nature in a loving and nurturing way.

The Guardians will give their companions the ability to set forth with a new ambition not only to grow into the individuals that they were summoned to earth for, but to help them reconnect with the world around them and see how they too can make a difference in their life and the lives around them as well.

Remember these guardians are all around you if you care to listen to the sounds in nature and also inside you when you listen to that voice that resides with in.

To see more development click here: ​The Green Guardian​​​

The guardians of the Green The guardians of the Green The guardians of the Green

Working with the Animal Spirit Guides

humans call these animals Power Animals. In Native American traditions, the medicine men and women would work closely with spirit animals and they are more commonly known as animal totems and Power Animals are both considered as spiritual guides These animals always come into your life for a reason, and sometimes they aren’t animals you would necessarily choose yourself.


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Hello my name is Kassi, I have been on this spiritual journey of self-realisation and awakening for some time now. I am a intuitive artist and natural empath and would love to draw a card for you. I will read for you with the highest love and intention vibration and also send you healing vibrations if needed

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The Creative Architect - Create Your Unicorn Empire

you're a rare, unique and beautiful soul and it's time you showed up fully as your magnificent self - unattached from your fears, the expectations of others and how you 'should' be in the World. Don't let another year go by without breaking free from having to explain yourself, being misunderstood and disregarded. It's time to let go of the frustration and let your creative spirit fly free. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself and it's your time to RENEW your relationship with you through Art and spiritual practices.

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