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Hi my name is Kassi,

I am an intuitive artist and shaman who creates spaces for individuals to gain awareness and explore enriching connection with their Animal Spirit Guide.
My art grants people access to explore new worlds and new identities within themselves.

I love exploring the spirit Animal world and a lot of the art I do are when I Journey in meditation and ask guides to come to me and sometimes
I travel to the astral realm just to be surrounded by the energy of this cosmic force.

I value Identity, Empowerment, Healing, and Storytelling and what I aspire to provide in my art is the opportunity for you to journey with the spirit guides, to explore your own sense of magic and abundance within yourself and open you up to a new way of seeing yourself and the world around you.

I offer free live readings on my Facebook Page every Wednesdays at 2.00pm.

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Working with the Animal Spirit Guides

humans call these animals Power Animals. In Native American traditions, the medicine men and women would work closely with spirit animals and they are more commonly known as animal totems and Power Animals are both considered as spiritual guides These animals always come into your life for a reason, and sometimes they aren’t animals you would necessarily choose yourself.

Our Values

My Personal Mission Statement

Demonstrate freedom through my stories and my art. Be dedicated to being inspirational, kind and connected to all whom I meet and be an ambassador to show others how to live in harmony with their true selves.


Working together to assist come up with new and imaginative ideas and look for ways to turn them into reality. Using creativity to look at ourselves in an exciting new way. Using art therapy and mindful activities to look for common themes and phenomena in your personalities and than use this understanding too enrich your life.

Personal Exploration

Discovering what means something in your life without the noise of other pursuits. Define who you would like to be and see how you can best reflect your your values, interest, skills and influence without worrying about if they right or wrong. Discovering your moment of truth, what do you do to to bring more joy in your life.


Learning you have the opportunity to speak, act and pursue your own happiness. Learn how to prevent those personal restrictions get in the way to interrupt your flow. Trust in freedom, so it will lead to you enhanced self expression and original thought, increase sense of purpose and an improved quality of life.


I believe in allowing our inner child to come out and play, allowing ourselves to be lighthearted and full of fun with a keen sense of play. Statistically We learn better that way and its better for creating long and lasting relationships with ourselves and the others around us.

What we offer


The Inner Artist Journey - Closed

"You are the creator of your universe and you can create the life that you dreamed off". Does this statement make you feel uncomfortable or disconnected? If so, my name is Kassi Gregory and I am going to show you how to reconnect with the essences of who you are and show you are capable and deserving of an amazing life.

Learn MoreDec 09, 2018

The Creative Architect - Create Your Unicorn Empire

you're a rare, unique and beautiful soul and it's time you showed up fully as your magnificent self - unattached from your fears, the expectations of others and how you 'should' be in the World. Don't let another year go by without breaking free from having to explain yourself, being misunderstood and disregarded. It's time to let go of the frustration and let your creative spirit fly free. The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself and it's your time to RENEW your relationship with you through Art and spiritual practices.

Learn MoreFeb 03, 2019

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