Spirit Portraits

Spirit Animal Portrait

When your spirit animals show themselves to me, they see you as a unique being with different lessons and opportunities to be discovered and explored in your life. I channel and communicate with your animal guide to transfer the knowledge, lessons, and opportunities that are being offered to you. Through my portraits, I create an ethereal and visual connection between you and your spirit animal. Following this, I provide a guided reading of what they have entrusted to me to share. I encourage you to learn and grow with your spirit animal, as they hold you in high esteem, and want only what is best for you. They are there to help expand your creative potential to ensure you live your life in harmony with your true nature.



Getting intimate with your spirit animal package

Looking for a deeper sense of meaning in life? Feeling as though you no longer enjoy the things you used to? Wanting change but not sure where to start? As a spiritual person these often indicate a disconnection, not from other but from yourself - something has shifted and you no longer know yourself as you used to be and trust me, it's a good thing. Why trust me? I'm a spiritual medium and channel with the ability to connect with and bring through your spirit animal in artwork and written messages uniquely for you. With my guidance and support you can safely and confidently explore what this means to you. You'll be supported and encouraged through your own journey of personal growth. Break the cycle and let yourself receive the new experience of becoming the real YOU! I'm inviting 5 people who are feeling lost and disconnected to walk with me and their higher self to * rediscover yourself * reconnect with inner peace * repurpose your life So you are living with 100% satisfaction. Part 1: Your Spirit Animal Portrait and Channelled Message. We'll connect energetically so that I can connect with and bring through a blessed message from your spirit animal. You'll receive a digital portrait of your very own unique spirit animal. Valued at $97 Part 2. Monthly coaching x 6 months. Once you've connected with your spirit animal through the portrait and message, we'll meet weekly for 45 minutes once a week to find clarity, confidence and support at the deepest and most loving level. Valued at $1740 Total value $1837 You pay only $500 in full or $200 down payment + $60/month for 5 months That's a huge discount of $1237. _____ Unlimited Coaching for 6 months. Anytime you require clarity, confidence and support around anything in your life you can book a 45 minute session at a discounted cost of only $25 (normally $87).


Basic Readings

45 mins live reading - ANIMAL MESSENGER ORACLE

Are you looking for direction on your life path and where you are heading now or do you have a specific question that needs answers. I'm here to help I will pull out as many cards as needed from my Messenger Oracle deck and connect with your spiritual family to give you written guidance on your situation. This usually takes 45 minutes depending on the matter you need assistance with. What you get is an a guided reading, via skype , and a photo of the layout of cards. Feel free to record the session for your own personal use. What I need is your date of birth, Your skype address and an way to connect with you so we can arrange a time for our meeting. Thank you.



3 card Reading from the Animal Messenger Oracle

Are you looking for direction on question quickly that has been playing on your mind for days? I will pull 3 cards and 3 shadow cards from my Messenger Oracle deck and connect with your spiritual family to give you written guidance on your situation. This will take 1 - 3 days depending on how many people have also needed my assistance. What you get is an A guided reading, an email of the transcribe reading, and a photo of the layout of cards. What I need is your date of birth, a way to send you your reading via email or facebook. Thank you.