Claire Bednall
Animal Spirit Portraits

I was so thrilled when I received my animal spirit drawing and reading from Kassi! Sophina was fiercely strong but also a nurturing 'mother of dragons' just like myself being a mum to two feisty little ones. The reading bought me so much comfort and Kassi's artwork was out of this world! I love her energy and it really shows up in the wonderful pieces that she creates. Sophina now sits above my bed and brings me protection and guidance when needed. Would definitely order another one from her for the right person.

Natalie Duncombe
Animals Spirit Portrait

Kassi is an incredible soul with a remarkable gift! I purchased an illustration/reading with Kassi this month and I was blown away when I promptly received it! It was not only the accuracy of what Kassi portrayed but also the learnings that I gained as a result of her work. I can honestly say, I am humbled to have crossed paths with such an enlightened soul, who has contributed light and knowledge into my life in such a short period of time. I will treasure your illustration forever and I hold the message that came with it very close to my heart. I highly recommend Tigiris Illustrations and Kassi to everyone!

Lyndel Beneke
Animals Spirit Portrait

I received my animal spirit guide from Kassi only a couple of days ago and I have to say, I haven't stopped looking at it. What a beautiful piece of art work and the intuitive message also included was on point! Kassi your gifts are truly amazing and I hope everyone takes the opportunity to work with you!

Jodie Conduit

Last year I received an amazing gift from a friend for a Meet your Spirit Animal Reading with Kassi and to say it was amazing just isn’t doing it justice. The message I received was so on point and following advice given in the reading has changed my life. Inus was my beautiful animals name and he is with me always I keep my image next to my bed so I see him morning and night every day. I loved him so much I bought the full colour image too so I now carry the original hand-drawn image with me to school every week for inspiration. If you are thinking of a reading with Kassi I highly recommend it you will not be sorry she is extremely talented and knowing your spirit animal will change you in ways you never would have known.


My sketch made me feel that you truly connected with me and the animals I most associate with in life. The message you bought to me could not have been more true at this time in my life. You definitely connected with me.


My reading from you made me feel like that you truely cared. You understood my fears and did your best to put my mind at ease, while also being truthful. My only request is that you don’t ever stop being you!

Spirit Animals Portrait

I love looking through the collection of Kassi's animal portraits as they all seem to have an ethereal glow about them. She spends a lot of time not just on their aesthetics but also the messages they convey. I felt an instant affinity with the Spirit Animal I received from her, and still feels relevant 2 years on.

Jodie Conduit
Spirit Animal Reading

I have now had 2 of these readings because I got so much out of the first one that when I moved into a new chapter of my life I knew I needed to get another to help guide me in my next steps and boy was a right. Both of my animals have come to me at exactly the right time in my life Inus gave me the confidence to step up and start honoring who I am and the fire rooster gave me the strength to be ok in who that was once I had found it. I have them both framed in my office and everyday their energy shines down to help me with what ever it is I’m creating. If you are considering getting a reading done I highly recommend it you will learn so much from it and if you have had one before don’t think you can’t get another we have more than one spirit guide us on this journey.


it was such a pleasure talking to you. You are amazing! Thank you so much for your help and your guidance. You are a very positive, insightful & sweet mentor. You gave me such good advice & many ways to help my daughter & I on how to handle being empaths. We get so overwhelmed, drained & have been unsure how to handle other people's energy, thoughts, feelings... I highly recommend Kassi. Her advice and passion to help others is remarkable. It's as if the universe put her in my path to give me messages & help I needed.