Looking for a deeper sense of meaning in life? Feeling as though you no longer enjoy the things you used to? Wanting change but not sure where to start? As a spiritual person these often indicate a disconnection, not from other but from yourself - something has shifted and you no longer know yourself as you used to be and trust me, it's a good thing. Why trust me? I'm a spiritual medium and channel with the ability to connect with and bring through your spirit animal in artwork and written messages uniquely for you. With my guidance and support you can safely and confidently explore what this means to you. You'll be supported and encouraged through your own journey of personal growth. Break the cycle and let yourself receive the new experience of becoming the real YOU!

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Your Animal Spirit Guide is an animal or symbol image that you can meditate on and with to give you spiritual energy and strength.

Your animal spirit makes sure your desires align with your highest intentions and love to give stories and analogies on how you can not only live within alignment but shows you how to But show you how to flourish and grow too.


Self Directed Work Booklet and mediation to assist Journey $25