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Author: Elena Harris

Artist: Kassi Gregory

The Eagle spirit animal is an inspiring messenger. With the ability to soar to heights other birds merely dream of, the Eagle is a powerful animal totem that offers lessons about looking closely at the most minute of details in order to see life from a broader perspective. When this graceful hunter comes into your life, it’s time to look inward with a careful eye. Allow your heart to guide you, and opportunities you never dreamed were possible will present themselves when you least expect it. Eagles have feet with four toes. Four is a symbol for having a solid foundation and being grounded. Those who are guided by the Eagle spirit animal are grounded. Even though the Eagle can soar to great heights, they are still strongly connected to the earth. Among being grounded and connected to the earth, those guided by the Eagle are also resilient and in complete harmony with the spiritual aspects of their lives. Unafraid of the unknown, these seekers accept life’s challenges with unshakable courage, determination and confidence.

Eagle Symbolism

As a power animal, the Eagle is most frequently associated with wisdom and freedom. Here are additional symbolic meanings for the Eagle totem:

  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Hope
  • Resilience
  • Healing
  • Vision
  • Healing
  • Sexual Power

History & Vision

For generations, Native American tribes have associated the Eagle with vision, wisdom, and strength. The predatory spirit animal symbolizes taking responsibility for one’s actions, healing nature and treading lightly as a matter of respect for Mother Earth.

Nearly all religious and spiritual traditions embrace the Eagle as a symbol of salvation and hope. Historically, cultures all over the world have associated the Eagle’s energy with the commanding elements of sun and thunder. One example of this is Zeus. The Eagle was sacred to Zeus. He often changed into the form of an Eagle in order to control the thunder and lightning.

From Biblical times to modern day, some of the most powerful societies and cultures have adopted the Eagle’s image as a sign of strength and freedom. Cultures such as the Aztecs, Sumerians, Hittites, Romans, Egyptians and Native Americas all had strong symbolism associated with the Eagle.

The Eagle Is A True Predator

The Eagle is a true predator. Predators help keep the balance of nature healthy. They capture the weak and the sick, which helps to prevent the spread of disease. Throughout time cultures have considered this a healing role of the Eagle. Those working with Eagle spirit animals are often healers. If you are not a healer and the Eagle spirit animal is coming into your experience, you may soon be awakened to a powerful self-healing or the emergence of your healing powers.

The Eagle & The Power of Sexual Energy

If you have ever witnessed Eagles mating, it is a sight to behold! It is a powerful sky dancing ritual. The Eagles soar through the sky looping, plunging and diving. At a certain point the Eagles grab each other’s feet and lock talons. They begin falling and rolling as they mate. They then separate, soar high and start the process all over and again. This ritualistic mating process has been associated with danger, excitement, the power of sexual energy, and mystical joy. If the Eagle spirit animal brings you a message about sexuality, it may be telling you to open to new sexual experiences, thrills and heights of pleasure!

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