The Guardians of the Green is a one-of-a-kind art series brought to you in a limited edition 2021 calendar. My calendar portrays both animals of Earth, as well as mythological creatures who appear as though they have just stepped out of your favorite fantasy novel. With my imaginative style, I constantly strive to bring you art that not only encapsulates the magic of everyday life, but that of a legendary world as well. Included in each calendar are not only animals and creatures painted with an otherworldly style, but also quotes of gratitude for each month that will encourage you to reach for any dream, no matter how fantastical! With this limited-edition calendar, you can follow more than just the passing of months. Each and every calendar was crafted for those who are avid followers of the moon’s cycles as well, and for each month I have linked the full moon so that you may easily set your intentions and goals regularly! We only have 100 of these beautiful and imaginative calendars in stock so be sure that you are not one of the unlucky few to miss out! Allow us to bring a touch of magic to your home! Orders must be in before December 5th if you want delivery before Christmas!

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